Thursday, January 14, 2010

A day to remember in my life...

An unforgetable day was on Saturday, 19 \ 12 \ 2009

Here is what happened on that day on Friday, 2009 \ 12 \ 18. My colleague Ahmed Eid told me that my friends birthday was on Saturday and we wanted to prepare a surprise to Said Ahmed.On Saturday morning, we set a date tomeet Ahamd but I was late for half an hour. When I arrived , Ahmed was angry and exploded. Then, I and Ahmed went to buy the cake. We decided to buy a strawberry flavored cake. Then we went to the library to buy gifts, but did not find something nice and we decided to buy gifts from Afra Mall. Then I received a call from Nehal who told me she arrived. We headed to the child city, but before we get there, we went to Afra Mall to buy gifts. I was carrying in my hands three kilograms of bananas I was embarrassed because bananas were in my hands and then we went to the Children's City.
When we went to the park, Nehal and I found Maissa, Noha and Nasr, Abdulelah and Tarig . Saeed did not know something about this. When he arrived, the boys went to play football then the girls sat down to prepare breakfast and after we had breakfast, Saeed's sister Shaimaa said she wanted to join us in this wonderful day.We started singing, After eating, and we played some games, including hide and seek and chair of confession and many other games. When it was 5p.m, we all were pretty tired and exhausted, so we deceided to head home, and everyone was really happy about it.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bank of the Nile in 1960

In the picture I was looking at the bank of the Nile in 1960, nevertheless. It was the most beautiful pictures taken at that time. In the picture, the sun was shining and it generally shines in Omdurman in April. In this month sun was very hot. On the left there were some men stranding to cut apiece of wood with a saw. The man was not finished yet. And there are some men have the water carrier filled with tins at the Nile. The man is taking it home or to some place near.
The merchant with the sunshade come to the river bank, because he search for some one to work with hem and talking to some one he need him for something. And he was come in his car and came with him the driver and opening the door for him. After that he is going back his shop.
And when I looked at the sky and found an aircraft was flying away from the island of Totti and there was near the bridge, some of the boats that carry some goods and tourists, as well as fishermen's boats.
I did not go to this wonderful place, but I hope to go to because it's a wonderful place where the nature of the charming atmosphere of a nice and simple life, give a feeling of relief, but I think that this place has changed a lot, but nevertheless stays charming.

How I spend your Eid?

Happy Eid . This Eid was very beautiful and sad at the same time. In the morning I went to Eid prayers. After that I returned back home I congratulate all my family as I was happy because I am with them at the same time, I was sad because my father was not present, but nothing I can do else than calling for forgiveness and God mercy . After that my uncle and my aunt come home to share the Edi with us. On the second day, I visited my relatives and friends. On the third day, I was sick. I stayed home. That’s why I was sad. That was my Eid.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How I use my Mobile

Mobile phone is electrounic device , It used for communication (calling and send messges),
It's very important for me , My mobile model(Nokia) N95 , I used(Zain) chip. This mobile bult-in-Bluetoothe technology. My mobile gift for my anucle but now I changed it. I used mobile for emerengency, I usually spend talking on my mobile 10 minuts and I talking more at midnight beacuse in this time I fenshed my college.
I send SMS 5 in a day and receive SMS 10 in a day , because that I spend recharge my mobile 2 in a day .
Connction the use of mobile causes many health problems severe pain in the ear and other diseases. I recommend for teens about using mobile don't talking in time late and use technology good , Safe and healthy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The best place in this world

This place is fantastic place in this world . but Ithink never place like it, because it is very beautiful place . When we will visited this place or see him we will feeling strong, feeling comfortable and safety. This feels makes tears come down, but we will not feeling it. but if we visited any place with the passage of time , we feeling boredom and misses to your home, family and friends, but in this place it is not feeling any thing except hope stay here forever. Iknow tired you thinking , but believe me this talking is very few to this place. look this photos : - Because that I talking this place is fantastic place in this world. Ihope and invite god to brig us together in this place.

Monday, December 7, 2009

How do I use the Internet

The Internet is all my life, I used it in everything is where I can meet new friends and also shopping and I listen to music and browse the sites and private sites pictures of the children, as well as news sites. And from which to download images, text and many other things to Atad The Internet world wide do not coast has it.